12, Apr, 2021
What is GPS Tracking System? | GPS Tracker

What is GPS Tracking System? | GPS Tracker

A GPS or GPS Tracking System is a Global Positioning System, which is used to determine the exact location with the help of GPS device and software to visualize. GPS location can be of great use in various situations of life. For example, in case of natural disaster exact location of a person can be life savior information. In case of vehicle theft, location information can help in recovering the vehicle, and with the help of current technology, there are loads of information that can help a businessman improve productivity by saving extra cost due to unwanted driver’s behavior.

GPS Tracking system has two important aspects. First is hardware, and second is the software that translates the data in readable and useful format.

There are different hardware companies running in different countries. Basic information that Tracking system provides is the location information in terms of Latitude and Longitude, along with time stamp. An Advance tracking system which is either for personal use or vehicle management, have ‘Premium Features’ which is discussed later in detail.

Hardware:  Device that has a Sim card inserted in it communicate with the server over a cellular network, once in every 10 seconds. In most of the devices, that are used for longer duration like a year or more, there are connecting wires to attach the power source. Most of the devices have an inbuilt battery as well, but that is only for emergency cases when either power source dies or device gets disconnected. The device has different indicators on it to check the working of sim card network, power status, server connection confirmation etc. Installation of a device is an easy job of 10-15 minutes if done by a skilled technician. There are devices used for short term emergency cases by Police, Army or detective that has a battery life of 4-5 days and a don’t need any installation as device sticks to the object magnetically.

Software: Software is the most crucial part because it communicates with the end user. With infinite ways to showcase the data to users, in accordance with the need, preference and choice, software becomes most important for both business and personal use. All the data communicated by hardware with the server and gets translated into meaningful information that a user can digest and take decisions for family and business.

  1. Live Tracking: User can see the person or vehicle live on Google Maps with an accuracy of Google maps that depends on Place, Time and carrier network.
  2. Notifications of important locations: Mobile notifications are very useful. For the places which matter most, like Home, Office, Garage, Shipment destination, warehouse etc., a notification on mobile can be of great use that confirms the arrival or departure of vehicle or person. Concern for a vehicle, family members, goods delivery etc. can be kept away with such notification. Peace of mind comes with such prompt and accurate notifications. A famous term in telematics industry for the explained scenario is Geofence or Safe Zone alerts.
  3. Travel History: Past record of travel route with time and address is of extreme help in identifying problems and in verifying things. An extremely simple and beautiful interface can show the past records and travel route on a play video mode where a user can see the vehicle moving on a map. The user can pause the video to check the address and time and can view any history video saved on the server.
  4. Analytics and Insights: For any business, data is the most reliable source to take business decisions. One can analyze data points if presented in a simple and meaningful format. For example, distance covered in a day and total run time can indicate a lot at a monthly level. The idle time that indicates the wastage of fuel with no productivity can help in controlling the cost. In cases, where over-speed is of concern, one can check the stats and discuss with the concerned person.

Compatible with all Vehicles- Car, Bus, Truck, Bike, Scooter

GPS devices are compatible with all vehicles, that has an engine to run wheels. Some devices are car specific that works on OBD port but come with limited features that might reduce the security measures that one expects to have. 

Majority of GPS tracking system devices, that promises security features are compatible with Car, Bus, Truck, Bike, Scooter etc. For truck or bus owners, where revenue and profits are dependent on driver’s performance, GPS Tracking Systems are highly compatible to support business and needs.

Premium Features of GPS Tracking System

  1. Engine On-Off: Most important feature that makes the vehicle ultra-secure is engine access remotely using the mobile app. A user can switch-on and switch-off the engine from anywhere. It works on a relay that can be controlled through a secured message to be sent on the server that communicates with the device. This feature can help in case of theft of unwanted scenarios. Shown in picture 3.1.
  2. Safe-Zone Marking: User can mark circular areas and manage the safe-zone as per priority and sensitivity. Notifications and message can come on mobile for instant alerts that help in timely update related to person or vehicle. Shown in picture 3.2.
  3. Analytical Graphs: Graphs that show day level stats on a month timeline. Stats can be for total distance covered, run time for which vehicle was moving, idle time for which engine was on but the vehicle didn’t move, Average Speed, Maximum Speed etc. Shown in picture 3.3.
  4. Play history video: To view past record of any date that one might need to check after checking the Analytical graphs for further information to drill down the reason of cause and to take further action. Shown in picture 3.4.
  5. Multiple Vehicle on Single Platform: One can manage multiple vehicles on a single mobile or desktop dashboard for management of n number of vehicles. One can even create user accounts to give access to people with limited features to access.

Cost Price of GPS Tracking System

There are different hardware and software available in the market, that comes with their own cost. Hardware has a fixed cost like a mobile or DTH, and software charges on a subscription basis for the SIM card and data, just like Airtel, Vodafone etc.

Hardware has a fixed cost ranging from INR 1,500/- to INR 15,000/- depending on brand, built, warranty and use type. A good tracking device with a 1-year warranty and waterproof should be around INR 5,000/-.

Software, on the other hand, is more dependent on the features and Brand. A good UX and UI is the most important aspect of a software, as accuracy is around 99.99% for every device. The range of software price is from INR 200/- per month to INR 1000/- per year. No doubt it varies with the quality of mobile app or dashboard user gets.

*All costs above are including GST or any other extra charges.

Market and Industry of Telematics – GPS Tracking System

GPS tracking system is currently in its early stage and is growing every day. Analogous to how mobile and network providers grew from the year 2001. People take extra precautions to protect their assets (bus, car, truck, bike). Family comes first for everyone, and a when a small amount of money adds valuable security features to business and family, people will be happy to have the security added in their vehicle and for loved ones. 

Out of 7 to 10 players in India, MAX GPS Security is one of the most trusted and advanced GPS tracking system (shown in picture 5.1). Players like Letstrack, Autocop etc. are decent but lack of focus on UX and UI is what pulling customer from using it for family and personal security.

Majority of the market is captured in small business owners who run their living on taxis, trucks, buses, etc. Big startups like Ola, Uber, Swiggy, Flipkart, Amazon etc. use their in-house tracking system meant for their own use and customers. Rest of the market is yet to experience the power of GPS tracking system in coming days. With the concept of IOT kicking the market and customers accepting the new technologies that generate value to their lives on a small expense, GPS tracking system will be every family and vehicle’s need by 2022.

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