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Frequently Asked Questions

✔ How does the MAX work ?

MAX GPS tracker is a hardware which gets installed anywhere inside your vehicle (any hidden location). It has a inbuilt modem (SIM card) and GPS module with antenna that gets location and other data and delivers it to you (on the MAX mobile App) via our servers. We interpret the data on our servers to show it to you in the most meaningful and understandable way in the app.

✔ Will MAX work with my vehicle ?

Yes definitely ! MAX will work with any vehicle that has a ignition system and a battery inside it. MAX supports all types of vehicle such as bike, car, truck, bus, auto rickshaw etc.

✔ Does MAX support multiple vehicles on a single dashboard ?

Yes why not ! MAX lets you manage all your vehicle on a single mobile dashboard

✔ Ok i got my MAX. Now how i have to install this into my vehicle ?

You don't have to worry about this. Anyone can install this device in less than 10 minutes plus our customer support is also available with you 24x7 on call.

✔ It take longer to track the vehicle location ?

Tracking your vehicle from the MAX GPS tracking mobile App relies on your phone's as well as MAX GPS tracker connection to our servers. A weak or no network signal on either your phone or the MAX (e.g. when your vehicle is in basement) will make it longer to get the vehicle location data to your phone. The delay may also be because of a Weak or No GPS signal in the MAX (which may happen if the vehicle is not under open sky).

✔ In case of weak network how the data will be transmitted ?

If the GSM connectivity is low then the device stores (memory storage capability) the data and transmits the data as soon as the vehicle is in GSM connectivity range.

✔ I have some more questions, How do I get support ?

Please contact us on our customer care number or drop us a mail we will revert you back as soon as possible.

✔ Do you support/take bulk orders for fleets ?

Please contact us on our customer care number or drop us a mail with your requirements we will revert you back as soon as possible.

✔ My MAX is not working properly now what to do ?

Don't worry please contact us on our customer care number or drop us a mail with mentioning the problem you are facing we will revert you back as soon as possible.

✔ Do we manufacture the devices or procure these from outside ?

The devices are assembled in China as per the company’s norms.

✔ What do we mean by Remote Shut down ?

Through this feature we can start or shut down the vehicle remotely just by sending a SMS. This SMS can be sent through our application (web based or mobile based) or through your own mobiles directly.

✔ What is the maximum accuracy (in meters) GPS provides ?

The accuracy of a position determined with GPS depends on the type of receiver. Most consumer GPS units have an accuracy of about +/-10m

✔ What is the accuracy level in fuel monitoring ?

The accuracy level in fuel monitoring through fuel sensor at present is 95% (minimum). We also have a special feature in fuel monitoring that reflects sudden drop in fuel level (THEFT) without movement of vehicle.

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