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Secure your assets

Manage your mobile workforce more efficiently

MAX GPS SECURITY also provides solutions for the government fleet tracking as well as management to offer greater efficiency with monitoring asset tracking, greenhouse emissions and disaster response coordination. In order to create a proactive maintenance plan, we provide vehicle diagnostic reports which then help control repair costs and reduce the downtime.

Boost Profitability

Help cut costs without cutting corners

Our planning and management solutions help you find-and capitalize on-hidden efficiencies in your operation, to scale as SKUs proliferate and deliver more dependably when time windows are tight. We show you how to make better use of the vehicles and depots you already own to help improve capacity, reduce overall cost per case (CPC) and stay competitive in a highly demanding environment.

Respond immediately to real situations

Get high-powered help delivering better service to your valued Officers.

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Improve safe driving habits, performance and peace of mind

There are times of outage, and that's when you feel helpless. Well, that's when you need utility fleet management software which is your hope to get the power back quickly, efficiently and safely, with enhanced visibility on your crews. MAX GPS SECURITY enables you to integrate with your business software and manage all of your assets on a single dashboard.

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How to position your business for success in a connected, mobile, data-based world.

Simplify Compliance

Timely Transactions with efficient payment system

Workers would remain connected with you as well as your customers at the same time with the help of smartphones or tablets. They can manage work orders, on-time proof of service details via photos and electronic signature, and can report the time spent on each job. This is going to help you with the billing and to resolve any kind of dispute with the customers and the workers as well.

Premium Features

Live Tracking

Locate your vehicle on google maps in real time. Check address of your car location with best in market refresh rate of 10 seconds.

Engine on-off access

Swith-on or switch-off the vehicle ignition with just once swipe on mobile phone. Cloud conectivity helps you take action from anywhere in India.

Stoppages of the day

Check where your vehicle stopped along with the duration and address of stoppage. You can check the stoppages in history video for last 90 days.

Overspeed alert

Select overspeed limit and get notified when vehicle exceeds the speed limit. Get instant alert notifications for free and take actions in time.

Device disconnect alert

You get alarm notification for device disconnect. Prevent your vehicle from getting stolen by taking action on device disconnect alert.

Low battery alert

Get notified in case of low device battery. Device battery gets charged by vehicle that works for weeks without any failure or lag issues.

Free push notifications

Push notifications for safezone or geofence breach, device disconnect, low battery, overspeeding and power on/off.

90 days history data

Vehicle history is saved for everyday and is avaible for free for the last 90 days, that helps you go back in time and check for required data point.

Analytical graphs

Check driving performance and analyze on graphs for better insights. Any date can be selected in last 90 days for selecting the graph range.

Anti-theft Mode

Swith on the Anti-theft mode while you sleep or when away from vehicle in crowd, to get notified by alarm for theft possibilty.

Tracking permission

Share and get tracking permission for any vehicle. Avoid sharing login credentials while allow your loved ones know where you are.

10 sec refresh rate

We give value for money by giving best in world refresh rate of 10 seconds, while all other players gives a refresh rate of 30seconds.