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Improve Expandability

Manage your Mining Operations more efficiently

Have a continuous connection with your oil and gas fleet, people and equipment no matter what the site location is. With MAX GPS SECURITY fleet management system, you can have continuous updates about the wells, pipelines, weather, traffic, etc. It also provides you with a big satellite generated picture to check the real-time situation.

Improve Agility

An Alarm for Danger to Protect you with uncertainties

Set the alerts well in advance for any event citing danger, like entering a hazardous area, performing an activity beyond the time required, entering a non-examined place. Some measures like Panic buttons, co-location reports, and broadcast messages, ensure safety and improve working conditions.

Make Drivers Protection Priority

Secure people behind the wheels

Improve the driver safety upon relevant vehicle parameters, also coach your drivers to enhance their driving skills and use of driving tools. With MAX GPS SECURITY, arouse your drivers for their speed, and seatbelt. You can also notify them whenever they make a harsh break. To enhance their productivity and reduce the risk of accident MAX GPS provides you with smart scheduling tools to manage the working hours of drivers.

Robust tools for Lifeline Industry demands

Get high-powered help delivering better service to your valued customers.

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Legitimate Working

Improve safe driving habits, performance and peace of mind

Leave the concern of what is legitimate and what is not, there is a real-time alert for unauthorized practice of your fleet and office related to its use, location and movement. It enables you to get a full tax credit for the fuel by making your off-road mileage reporting easy and accurate.

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How to position your business for success in a connected, mobile, data-based world.

Simplify Compliance

Enjoy the full capacity of your vehicles with Advanced maintenance

Get the service of your vehicle over a long period of time to the best extent possible. With MAX GPS SECURITY you can remain updated through alerts about the health of your vehicle and their timely maintenance.